Many stores use an illegal practice that goes undetected. When you find a store that does, scheme hundreds off your next big purchase and totally stick it to the man.

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Traineo is a free and simple website that gives you the motivation and support to reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

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A new website has launched for programmers, designers, web entrepreneurs and content writers to find each other and work together to create websites and web applications. It’s crazy!

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“Those ridiculous Levi’s iPod Jeans have finally shown their denim faces
ass or asses, I guess. There’s a big red cable sticking out of the jeans to connect your iPod to, and loads and loads of pockets to hold all your iPod accessories.”

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This is a video of the next version of windows, VISTA. It shows us about the speech recognition and how it works. And low and behold, it does!

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My girlfriend Mandy attempted to make a video. Well, she made a video with windows movie maker, yea I know. It’s a “Song Vid” the new thing on utube. A with clip of her idiot women man Justin Timberlake. She’s adorable, isn’t she. Enjoy. Songs good but images blow.

I’ve been using Track 50 for about a year now. I don’t remember the website that point me to it, but track 50 is an useful site. It keeps you notified of your favorite bands and emails you when they’ll be playing in your area. Don’t miss a show.

The websites description “ One place to keep track of the live music you want to see. You tell us your favorite music artists, and we’ll notify you when they are playing in your area. It’s that simple.

Say Anything.

b000e6ejhu01_scthumbzzz_v65358137_.jpgAmanda and I will be attending their concert in pheonix on oct 30th at the clubhouse music venue. They are a very good band, great music. Give them a try. You might WILL like.

Say Anything Videos Live

Awesome Video.

OK GO is a very good band and i just happened to bump this music video. OK GO Music Video.logo_pic_news.jpg

They are an awesome band.

Check them out some time.

-marco out-

It seems when you have 2 jobs you don’t have time to do much, but when your days off come you really get at it. On these past two days I ate and had fun with my lady Mandy. You can read her blog on the right (RSS). In two days we ate at Panda Express, Olive Garden, then at Famous Daves. Wow, we are fat. It’s about time we get on the wagon again, but what shall it be this time? Join a gym or just diet?… I’ll make the decision over the next few days. I’m thinking about buying some running shoes and tracking my cardio with the iPod Sport Kit. Currently at 250 pounds I better hurry. Right.